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Optimal Yield Solutions considers the services surrounding software to be of equal importance to ensure implementation effectiveness.

Effective solutions stem from the ability of the software to closely follow your established business processes and fulfill the specific business functions that truly complement your other business processes – yielding a more efficient system. Optimal Yield Solutions works closely with your team of related software and machine representatives to thoroughly understand your requirements and then plans and programs the implementation of the following service solutions:

Software Customization

We specialize in providing solutions that fulfill unique requirements. SigmaNEST lends itself well to customization and, in the instance where your particular business needs require some level of unique functionality, it can be added seamlessly.

Optimal Yield Solutions offers many years of core knowledge and experience in SigmaNEST development and integration.

Contact us for ideas and details. We thrive on challenges!


Consider how these scenarios apply to your business:

  • Automating repetitive tasks to save staff and processing time.
  • Editing and converting hundreds of stored legacy parts based on some custom logic.
  • Automatically nesting multiple parts and orders overnight and reviewing options for the next work day.
  • Automatically considering many different nesting iterations and the logic rules to come up with the optimal solution.

The possibilities for automation are endless, let a SigmaNEST expert come up with solutions to your needs.

Business Systems Integration

Why should the SigmaNEST programmer spend the time to re-enter order data like customer, order number, quantity and due date if the data can be transferred right into SigmaNEST from the business systems? Wouldn't it be great if the business systems knew the status of the orders in SigmaNEST and what material was used for which orders and the resulting inventory status? The advantages of integration include, but certainly aren't limited to:

  • Data is entered only once.
  • Errors with manually transferring data are avoided.
  • Data is always available at the moment of greatest impact.
  • Productivity is increased.
  • Inventory is synchronized.

SigmaNEST Upgrade Transitions

For companies already using SigmaNEST, Optimal Yield Solutions will fully analyze your existing SigmaNEST installation to provide a well-planned and executed upgrade process.

This is also a good time to take advantage of some of our other services and review your existing work flow to take advantage of new features in SigmaNEST and perhaps, learn about existing features you might not be fully utilizing.

Custom Software Development

Many small to mid-sized fabricators using SigmaNEST either do not have a dedicated IT department, or are not seasoned in the proprietary manufacturing software. Optimal Yield Solutions can write custom applications specific to your business requirements.

In many cases, automating SigmaNEST requires custom software development. Optimal Yield Solutions is uniquely qualified to provide this software, since it has former SigmaNEST developers on staff.

Special Report Generation

Optimal Yield Solutions has in-depth knowledge of the SigmaNEST reporting subsystem and underlying database.

Whether your requirement is for a modification to a standard report or for something completely new, we can provided it quickly and efficiently. Our broad industry experience enables us to suggest reports that might not be immediately obvious.


SigmaNEST's versatility in working with many variations of cutting machines is impressive, but when being trained, you want to ensure the focus remains on your machines and materials – not a generic class or a blend of other participants' requirements.

Official SigmaNEST training focuses on SigmaNEST. Optimal Yield Solutions focuses on the use of SigmaNEST in your business, in your environment.